Giorgi G.

3D graphs

Narrative Intelligence and Threat Detection Platform


  • Purpose: A comprehensive platform for analyzing social media narratives and detecting potential threats.
  • Visualization: Utilizes a 3D force graph to display connections between users, hashtags, posts, and URLs.


  • Dynamic Clusters: Shows clusters of users, hashtags, posts, URLs, each uniquely colorized.
  • Interactive Graph: Ability to toggle between clusters and select individual users to view their specific connections.
  • Advanced Filters: Includes sidebar filters for refined analysis and easier navigation.


  • User Connection Analysis: Enables detailed examination of user interactions and relationships.
  • Real-Time Insights: Ideal for tracking and understanding evolving narratives and potential online threats.
  • Application: Essential for cybersecurity teams, digital marketers, and social media analysts.

Tech stack

  • D3.js
  • Javascript
  • Three.js
  • 3d-force-graph
  • WebGL