Giorgi G.

About me

Working on interactive web-based visualizations using D3js.

Hi! My name is Giorgi. Nice to see you here!

I am a data visualization engineer working from Tbilisi, Georgia.


  • Bachelor at Economics and Business at Tbilisi State University
  • Computer science at Tbilisi State University
  • Computer Systems Administration and Networking (CCNA) at Itvet


  • 2016-2019 - Full Stack ASP.MVC developer at
  • 2022-today - Frontend engineer at
  • 2018-today - a freelancer data visualization engineer

For the last 5 years, I have participated in more than 100 small or big projects remotely. My passion is data analysis with unique and eye-catching visualizations.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to work with you!

Tech skills

Skill Description
D3.js I have 5 years experience of d3.js and have built more than 100 projects using it
Git Using git for source control and Github for open source projects
Vue.js, React.js I use these frameworks for mid or large projects
Plotly, Highcharts, amCharts, Vega, Vega-lite Have done multiple projects using these viz frameworks, Google maps, leaflet, openlayers, Building maps with these
html, css, javascript, canvas, svg Frontend technologies
MongoDB, mysql, sqlite, MS Sql, firebase, firestore Databases
Node.js, Python, Flask, Asp.mvc Using these technologies for backend