Giorgi G.

Bad Guys

100 Years of American Bad Guys: Movie Ticket Sales Analysis


  • Project: A comprehensive visualization of cinematic villains in American movies over the past century.
  • Data Source: Extracted from movie ticket sales data of films released in the last 100 years.

Key Highlights

  • Visual Representation: Depicts the evolution of movie villains in American cinema.
  • Data-Driven: Utilizes movie ticket sales as a unique metric for assessing the impact and popularity of antagonists.
  • Historical Perspective: Offers insights into the shifting trends and cultural perceptions of ‘bad guys’ in film.

Insights and Impact

  • Cinematic Trends: Reveals how the portrayal of villains has changed over the years, reflecting societal values and interests.
  • Cultural Analysis: Provides a lens through which to examine the evolving narratives in American cinema.
  • Entertainment Industry: Valuable for filmmakers, scholars, and enthusiasts interested in the history of cinema.


  • Graphical Representation: Visualizes data trends through engaging and informative charts and graphs.
  • Interactive Experience: Allows users to explore cinematic history and the iconic villains of American movies.
  • Educational Resource: Ideal for film students, historians, and anyone passionate about the world of cinema.

Data Sources

  • Comprehensive Dataset: Extracted from a wide range of American movies spanning a century.
  • Accurate and Reliable: Ensures the integrity of the analysis and insights.

This project presents a unique perspective on the portrayal of villains in American cinema, offering both historical insights and an engaging visual experience. It is a valuable resource for those interested in the intersection of film, culture, and storytelling.

Tech stack

  • D3.js
  • Javascript